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Scott & Laura St. John

LeisaGibson_JMac_0045With a background in business and entrepreneurial ventures, Scott and Laura have experience taking a proven business model and successfully replicating the concept for expansion at a local and national level. After rolling out a technology education company nationally and partnering with Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel/Discovery Kids), Scott and Laura decided it was time to follow their passion for fitness and healthy living.

They turned to the expert in the field that they met through their own personal training experiences as a client of Johnny Mac in Breckenridge, CO. They approached Johnny early in 2012 with a proposal to partner in a business venture to launch a fitness business in the Denver area.

By spring 2012, they launched their first location and chose to name the business after the person who designed a unique formula for group personal training well before others started this concept in the fitness field – Johnny Mac Fitness.

Johnny Mac

LeisaGibson_JMac_9750With a degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, Johnny is a renaissance in the fitness industry, starting as a personal trainer in New York, then managed and helped expand Equinox health clubs in the NYC and Chicago markets. Throughout the years, Johnny trained many A-list celebrities such as Adam Sandler, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas, Luther Vandros, Sigourney Weaver, Billy Baldwin, as well as high net-worth executives, such as Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Leonard Lauder (Este Lauder), and John Phelan (CEO MSD Capital).

Johnny is also a published author. After training the US Olympic equestrian team, he co-authored “The Rider’s Fitness Program,” the top-selling sports performance book for equestrians on  He has been featured in magazines such as Men’s Journal, Fitness Magazine, and Muscle & Fitness.

With over 20 years experience in the fitness field, Johnny brings a unique and scientific approach to an industry saturated with the latest trends and fads, and big corporate gyms. He has designed and developed a formula for the JMF workout that is unmatched in the market today.