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Sarah Davis

The workouts at PSF are high-energy, grind-it-out style FUN! The instructors are topnotch- super high performers, intensely motivating and 100% focused on keeping your head in the game and your body moving. This is what keeps me coming back to PSF.

Member Since: October 2015

About Sarah: I’ve been hiking, camping and drinking beer in Denver for 5 years now. I’m originally from Austin, TX and I’ll always consider it my home but I’ve embraced the Colorado lifestyle and I ain’t leavin anytime soon. I have a kick-ass husband and the snuggliest mini-schnauzer you’ll ever meet. I do all the fun things on the weekends and try to maintain a steady schedule on the weekdays. I started working out 3 years ago, found PSF and I’ve been full throttle ever since. I work and then I work out. Everyday. It makes me feel good. IMG_2656


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