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Sam LeCure

I LOVE the community that has been built at PSF! Knowing that you are there with people who are willing to push themselves further than they thought they could, and a staff of trainers who foster that type of thinking is unique in my experiences. It’s a place where you see those familiar faces and you know you aren’t alone when you don’t think you can do another rep, but your ‘community’ that’s there with you pushes you thru. I love the workouts, don’t get me wrong. I love that they are always changing and working new parts of the body that we tend to overlook at times, challenging us every step of the way. The main thing, without question, is the community that’s been built there. If you’ve done one of these workouts you know how hard they are, and it’s truly one of the things I most look forward to in Denver.

Member Since: September 2017

About Sam: Sam grew up in Missouri, the youngest of 8 kids. He went to college at the University of Texas to play baseball. He lived in Austin for 8-9 years while continuing his baseball career in the professional ranks with the Cincinnati Reds, ending with 6 wonderful years in the Major Leagues. He lived all over the country and traveled to even more of it, trying to live life as a strong, confident person who always says ‘I can, I will!’ gaining perspective from different towns and different people along the way. Sadly, he’s moving back to Texas, but considers PSF a true gem that he hasn’t run across in all of his travels– nothing remotely close to it. “Cherish it!” he says.

Moving forward, Sam’s brand new career is in the baseball world as well, he will be broadcasting games on the radio and TV this year for his former team. He’s very excited about the opportunity and the challenge!  “WE CAN! WE WILL! DO WHATEVER WE PUT OUR MINDS TO!” – Sam LeCure
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