Pearl Street Fitness



You have exceeded my expectations! When I started classes, my goal was to increase my strength for the summer triathlon season. For 6 months over the winter, 3 days a week, I took part in classes and improved my strength but also became leaner and more focused in my triathlon training.

Through class intensity and diversity of exercises I am engaged and interested in every class. In the past, I have gotten bored with workout regimes and eventually forgot about them. With Pearl Street Fitness, I don’t want to miss a class! This consistency has provided great improvements to my endurance, speed and through consistency my dedication to triathlon training has become more focused.

The results came with my first repeat triathlon. I improved my times swimming, biking and running from the previous year by 13 minutes! I attribute my improvement very clearly to the classes have provided me. I plan on continuing to improve and just feeling fantastic from the classes at Pearl Street Fitness!


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