Pearl Street Fitness



I came to Pearl Street Fitness shortly after having my first baby.  I hadn’t exercised in a year and I had so much work to do!  After a pathetic attempt at completing my first class, I am still surprised I came back for a second one.  It was all so hard for me! The amazing trainers at Pearl Street are why I came back for a second class and I why I have come back three times a week for the last ten months.  During every class they kept me going and let me know what I was doing right.  The trainers helped bring out my inner athlete again!

The workouts are always different and dynamic so boredom is not an option. I am now stronger, more focused and have more energy than ever before.  At a recent physical my doctor told me that all of my health numbers have never been better and I am the picture of health! I am so thankful for Pearl Street Fitness!

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