Pearl Street Fitness


Liz Kushner

PSF Trainer since April 2018.

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Littleton Colorado!

Tell us a little about yourself.   I’m a pretty simple chick. While I love anything health and fitness related, I am also just as content spending time with my family and friends, baking, watching movies or listening to audiobooks. I’m actually quite the homebody!

How long have you been training for? About 7 years or so. I’m the youngest and only girl after my 3 brothers. All 3 of my brothers were very much into fitness and bodybuilding as early as I can remember. I, on the other hand, was probably one of the most sedentary people you’d ever met. In high school, I was a goofy theater kid, and the idea of trying sports or any physical activity couldn’t have been more unattractive to me! It wasn’t until my early twenties (and after a considerable push) from my brothers that I decided to give the whole “working out” thing a go. I was immediately hooked!

What do you love about fitness training? For me, while I view fitness as the opportunity to build a strong robust body that can add quality of life, more importantly, I love what I can do for a person’s total well-being, mind, body, and soul. I cherish the ability to help others learn and hone mental strength and push ourselves further in everyday life. I have a hand in guiding people to a place of internal and external health!  I get to lead and uplift people to places they didn’t believe they could go!

What do you love about PSF? PSF has made me the trainer I am today. It showed me that if I believe in others and myself, amazing things can happen inside four walls. It reminded me that I hold a position to help mold people into the best versions of themselves. PSF has taught me that if we love and expect great things from the people who walk through those doors magic can happen!

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