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Kaitlyn Cole

PSF Trainer since April 2018.

Where are you from? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tell us a little about yourself.  I grew up in a small town called Jeannette, Pennsylvania and lived there for 18 years until I graduated high school from Greensburg Central Catholic. Leaving behind my whole family, I ventured to North Carolina where I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) to pursue my degree in biology originally. After a year, I fell in love with the way the human body and mind worked together. I was enthralled with anatomy and physiology and amazed by how miraculous the body truly is.  While exploring future paths with my education counselor, I told her that I wished there was a major that combined science and exercise. That is when she introduced me to the major of Kinesiology and I instantly switched my focus from biology to a double major in Exercise Science and Psychology, bringing together both of my loves, the body and mind. I graduated in 2015. Throughout my college years and following, I gained experience in the physical therapy field as a rehab assistant in inpatient and outpatient rehab where I worked directly with patients and therapists. I gained exposure to many injuries and complex situations in peoples’ lives, which impacted my view on how fitness should be approached. It was throughout this time where I truly realized the importance of preventative approaches to injuries vs after the fact rehab. During my years in physical therapy, my approach towards fitness was shaped into what it is today, emphasizing the prevention of injuries and a sustainable lifestyle with focus on long-term goals vs short-term gains.

I am the oldest of three girls. I am extremely close with my family. My mom, Kathaleen, and sisters, Carolyn and Pauline call ourselves “the four musketeers”. I am sporty, but also very girlie (My favorite color is pink and I am obsessed with anything that glitters or sparkles). I love the outdoors, which is why I took a one-way ticket to Colorado last year August 2017, not knowing anyone here and never left. My wonderful boyfriend, Henry and I live in Aurora and are soaking up the CO lifestyle as snowboarders, hikers, campers, leafers, you name it, we will sign up for adventurous experiences!

How long have you been training for?  I have been training for 6+ years.

What do you love about fitness training? I love assisting people on their fitness journey. For me, it is not about the looks, but about the feeling you instill in someone when they reach a goal they set, went beyond what they thought they could, and see a change in themselves mentally. I love that I get to challenge people and witness people redefining themselves after years of perceiving themselves as incapable of something, finally to realize they had it inside them all along. It is beautiful to witness that moment of clarity for someone working so hard towards something that matters to them.

What do you love about PSF?  I love the community feeling at PSF. I love the evolution of the tone it is setting for people. I love that it is a place where people can dig deep, stir up something inside of them, discover what they are truly capable of and walk out feeling uplifted ready to conquer the world. I love that it is truly more of an experience that needs to be felt more than explained. I also love my team that I am fortunate enough to call my work family. There is something truly special about each person here at PSF that I am so blessed to be a part of. They are amazing coaches and fascinating individuals.

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