Pearl Street Fitness


Julia Leighton

Top Class Passer! Julia has visited PSF over 23 times in the past 90 days qualifying her as one of our most loyal Class Pass users. Class Pass allows users to “gym-hop” around the city, here’s what she has to say about Pearl Street Fitness: “I’ve been going to PSF for just over a year now and haven’t found a gym that compares. Their classes are switched up everyday so I’m never bored and I’m constantly challenged. Their coaches are very passionate about what they do and they inspire me to work harder during class (even when I feel like I can’t you all remind me that I CAN ). Their community/culture is what really ties it all together. This gym has attracted some of the best people Denver has to offer. Everyone leaves their ego at the door and enters a judgement free zone. No matter your age or fitness level, Pearl Street Fitness’s door is open, it just depends on whether you’re ready to push yourself like never before!”

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