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Becky & Bob Vander Hoeven

Becky  loves the variety everyday, where you come in knowing it’s upper or lower body, but not exactly what you’re in for. She says, “It’s a lot harder to talk myself out of going if I don’t know what I’m in for.” Bob loves the accountability PSF has from signing up for classes ahead of time and getting to know the instructors. He says, “The small classes are awesome — I’m constantly getting corrected and have personalized attention.”

Members Since: May 2017

About Becky & Bob: Becky & Bob found Pearl Street Fitness online when trying to find a gym close to them while training for a Tough Mudder. They’re one of our 5:15am power couples who workout together most mornings of the week. They have lived in CO for 5 years and have 2 dogs. They met in Kansas and grew tired of driving to CO every weekend which is why they ended up here. Lovers of the outdoors they’re always skiing in winter and hiking or camping in summer. Bob says, “We’re physically active year round, so nice to have a facility to keep us in shape!”

Their favorite part about working out with their significant other? 

He Says: We hold each other accountable. And give each other a lot of crap if one of us decides not to show up in the morning. The fact that we always go together makes it hard for either one of us to skip out — we can push each other a lot, neither of us wants to be the one slowing each other down when we’re hiking, etc.

She Says: The accountability. We’re not crazy competitive people, but competitive enough around each other.




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