Pearl Street Fitness



I would just like to thank you for the past 6 months! PSF provides an awesome positive, encouraging atmosphere. Scott was the best trainer I have ever had, constantly giving me motivation which enabled me to push my limits. The Pearl Street Fitness workout was kick a**! It challenged me physically and mentally and the results have been extremely apparent. I have been able to progress as an athlete in every way. Physically I am able to ride harder and for longer and i have more confidence as a rider. Mentally, Scott taught me to push my limits, and even though it might seem difficult at the moment and sometimes impossible, I have the physical ability to overcome it and can achieve anything when I put my mind to it.  I was actually excited to go to the gym and looked forward to it every time! My experience at Pearl Street Fitness will always be with me as an athlete and I will always appreciate what it has done for me as an athlete!!

-Austin Reed

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