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Pearl Street Fitness: A “Best Kept Fitness Secret” and “Hot Spot” Studio

Out of the 250 studios highlighted throughout the United States, Pearl Street Fitness was chosen as 1 of the top 6 fitness hotspots in Denver; featuring its two locations in Wash Park and Cherry Creek.
BurnThis is an online publication that features the best kept fitness secrets from the fashionable, fit, and forward-thinking.  The content is curated by a community of experts, trendsetters, instructors, and fitness aficionados — people who share a belief in a healthy and social lifestyle. One of the most important components of the site is to feature “hot spot” studios in major metropolitan cities.
After sending a BurnThis ambassador to test our studios, we cannot agree more that they nailed Pearl Street with this quote on their experience at our studio:
With constant positive reinforcement from both Scott and our classmates, we could tell Pearl Street was more than just a gym, but a community of like-minded fitness lovers that was more like a family.
“At first I thought it was just another advertiser, then I realized what it was and how awesome this honor this was for us to be chosen,” explains Laura St. John, Pearl Street Fitness. “Our review on BurnThis is a great culmination to an awesome year,” added Scott St. John.

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