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Pearl Street Fitness Opens 3rd Location on Tennyson in the Highlands!



Free Classes For Everyone All Week Long


(Denver, Colo.) Denver’s best-kept fitness secret, Pearl Street Fitness announces the opening of

their third location in the historic Berkeley neighborhood at 3977 Tennyson Street on Monday,

April 21, 2014.

In celebration, Pearl Street Fitness invites Denverites to try their ground-breaking group

fitness classes for free from Sunday, April 21 through Saturday, April 26. Schedule of classes

available online; classes fill up fast so register online to save your spots.

With its brand promise to never offer the same workout twice, Pearl Street Fitness has become

a place where neighbors, friends and co-workers join together and instantly become part

of a group of “Strong. Confident. People.” Participants are invited to shed their everyday,

outside labels (housewife, overweight, ironman, triathlete…) and work together—instead of

competing— to complete a grueling, fun, and FREE total-body workout.

On the Pearl Street experience, co-owner Laura St. John says, “The small group atmosphere

based on support and teamwork, the individual attention, the motivation you receive at Pearl

Street are just facets of the experience. Hands-down, it’s the best workout in Denver. But it’s

the people—the individual pearls—that really make us unique. We’re a family.”


Pearl Street Fitness offers an unparalleled product in the market. By applying the laws of

movement and science, Pearl Street Fitness creates synergy between the mind, body and joints.

This increases clients’ metabolism, endurance and performance, while also improving balance,

agility, and cardiovascular health.

Co-Owner Scott St. John designs the workouts and teaches classes as well. “By offering a

different workout every day, we will keep your mind and body guessing so you never plateau,”

he says. “Our workout starts with an active warm-up to prepare your body for the movements

of the day. Then we progress through a series of strength, conditioning, and cardio to balance

your body, rev up your metabolism and leave you feeling uplifted. The personal attention you

get in a class of 8-14 people will keep you motivated every step of the way.”

Everyone who attends classes consistently is guaranteed results. Whether clients are already

well-conditioned athletes, taking initial steps to make fitness a part of their lifestyles, or just

looking for a change in the workout routine, Pearl Street Fitness offers a unique and in-depth

training that will yield results for all levels.

With a background in business and entrepreneurial ventures, husband and wife co-owners

Scott and Laura St. John have experience taking a proven business model and successfully

replicating the concept for expansion at a local and national level. After growing their

technology education business, Imagine Tomorrow, to a national brand and launching a

successful partnership with Discovery Kids, Scott and Laura decided it was time to follow their

passion for fitness and healthy living.

They opened their first fitness studio location in 2012. In less than two years, with the help of

their dedicated team, they are celebrating the company’s growth to three Denver locations.

The team is indoctrinated in the Pearl Street culture and philosophy, and is trained every month

on how to apply best practices from Scott and Laura’s years in education.

After the first initial week of free classes, with no long term commitment or contract required,

Pearl Street Fitness is a great option for everyone. Class package options include an unlimited

first month for $99, an introductory 5-class pack for $10 per class, and 10-packs for $12.50 per

class. Pearl Street Fitness also offers various ongoing monthly packages, personal training, semi-
private training and workshops as well.


Pearl Street Fitness carefully chooses small studio settings for each of their locations.

By choosing historic or standalone buildings on the outskirt of a retail area, Pearl Street

Fitness stays nestled close into each chosen community. With clean lines, a simple look and

incorporating the pulse of the local neighborhood, the studios house more than 100 classes per

In the heart of the historic Berkeley neighborhood, the newest location on Tennyson was an

original post office in the early 1900′s. Pearl Street Fitness brings a taste of Denver’s history into

each of its neighborhood locations. Just like it’s people-driven brand, this one boasts a lot of personality.


Wash Park

1107 S Pearl St., Denver, CO 80210

Cherry Creek

2500 E 6th Ave., Denver, CO 80209

3977 Tennyson St., Denver, CO 80212

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