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Pearl Street Breaks Record Numbers of Runners for Colfax Relay


This one’s a no-brainer: run 3 1/2 to 6 miles, have a ton of fun with the Pearl Street Fitness community, and help raise money for Colorado Youth for a Change, a non-profit that Laura St. John (owner of Pearl Street) serves as a Board Member.

Pearl Street Fitness is showing how strong we are: We are breaking records with the number of runners we already¬†have signed up for Colfax relay…. even beating out Fortune 500 companies that have thousands of employees! “This is not a big surprise,” explains Scott St. John, “we have a dedicated community here and I assured Laura that we’d have a ton of support.”

Colorado Youth for a Change solves the high school drop-out crisis in Colorado, serving 2,000 youth annually. Did you know 32 kids drop out of high school daily in our state? That equates to 12,000 kids per year. And each individual will cost society an approximate $200,000. Help the future of our state, and our future leaders! Join Laura and Scott St. John and the Pearl Street family of Strong. Confident. People. as we raise funds for this wonderful non-profit.

Don’t want to run? Just help us in any way. Here is our donation page. Many thanks for your wonderful support.

Interested to run with us? We are still accepting interested runners to join our fun teams! 5 runners per team. Email or call 720-441-5204 and we’ll add you to a team, or you can create your own team of 5!






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