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Post By: Katherine Dunne

Pregnancy and Working Out

Pregnancy and Working Out: Pearl Street Fitness Style Got the sign of a double-pink line? Then it’s time to learn how you should modify your workout throughout all trimesters of your pregnancy. Denver’s Colorado’s Best Show featured Pearl Street Fitness to show off some rockstar pregnant moves and offer great advice. Watch the Clip Here. […]

Denver Post: Here’s how to get a good workout fast

Today, Pearl Street Fitness owner/trainer Scott St.John was featured in the Denver Post. He added his expertise in short-but-tough workouts that get the heart rate soaring! Click here to read the full article:

Family Style Fitness on the Morning News!

Laura and Scott St.John of Pearl Street Fitness appeared in two morning segments featuring their family-style fitness tips. Building healthy habits starts with your attitude. Getting parents to have fun and lead by example is a great way to introduce kids to a future full of healthy choices. Check out these clips from the morning […]

Get Your Body Ready for Winter Sports

Laura St.John and Taylor Garrett from Pearl Street Fitness show us how to get our bodies ready for winter sports.  Using these simple fitness and conditioning moves, you can be ready to hit the slopes and have some fun.   Quote of the day from Taylor Garrett:

Battle of the Bulge – PSF on Fox News!

Scott and Laura St.John from Pearl Street Fitness shared great tips on battling holiday weigh gain on the morning news.  They also kicked off their Holiday Battle of the Bulge – 30 Day Fitness and Weight loss Challenge in partnership with their lifestyle brand STRONG. CONFIDENT. LIVING.  Looking for weight loss and nutrition information?  Check […]

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