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About Johnny Mac Fitness


After your first visit, you realize, “There’s something different here.”

Walk into a studio that does not look like a warehouse, big gym, or back of an alley. When you enter our door, trainers know you by first name — probably more so by nickname. You realize you’re in a place where all ages, ability levels, and backgrounds can all join the same workout — yet receive the individualized coaching needed to reach your fitness goals. It’s a place where trainers care most about the quality of your movement and function, safety and form — more than just the number of reps you do. It’s a lifestyle here – not a competition.


Johnny Mac Fitness offers unique boutique-style studio settings that carry the pulse of your local community: A place where neighbors, friends and co-workers look forward to their workout days more than their ‘off’ days because it’s a place that unites all those who experience it. Whether you’re already a well-conditioned athlete, taking initial steps to make fitness a part of your lifestyle, or just looking for a change in your workout routine, JMF offers a unique and in-depth training for all levels. You will never experience the same workout twice. We guarantee it.

Our Brand Promise | Guiding Principles

At Johnny Mac Fitness, we follow five guiding principles behind our brand. We infuse these five principles into everything we design.


Every JMF workout is based on principles of science, kinesiology, and how it relates to human movement.


Every JMF workout safely strengthens, conditions, and balances your body through controlled movements and correct form.


JMF workouts constantly change and stay fresh so you won’t get bored. You will never experience the same workout twice.


You aren’t a number. We know you by name; we know you by nickname.


JMF offers a personalized setting that carries the pulse of your local neighborhood.