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5 Reasons to Workout In a Small Group

  • October 23, 2013
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new-19While I was traveling back East recently, I signed up at a local big gym for a day pass and joined a group fitness class. I went into the studio and just followed what everyone else was doing: I grabbed 3 sets of weights, a band, and a mat. The instructor smiled at me, and that was about it.

Then I realized that like most big gyms, people just come for the workouts. You are a number, not a name – and I could do that anywhere.

But there’s something better: Boutique-style fitness studios are opening up in neighborhoods, and starting a new trend in the fitness industry — a personalized feel where trainers know you by name.

Besides a more personalized approach, here are the top five reasons it’s worth your while to try working out in a small group setting:

1.       You’re Less Likely to Get Hurt.

When you’re one of thirty in a large class, a trainer may shout out a general reminder, such as “make sure your chest is up,” but when you are in a small group setting, a trainer actually can walk up to you whisper a specific tip, just for you. The customized attention to correct your form greatly reduces your risk of injury. Added bonus, you are spoken to by your name, not just a, “Hey you!”

2.       You’ll Get Better Results.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, taking initial steps back into a fit and healthy lifestyle, or just looking for a change-up your workout routine, working out in a smaller group setting allows for customization to your unique level. A good trainer can quickly identify and modify the movements of the workout – regressing them to make them easier if you’re just starting out, or progressing the movement if you’re a rockstar looking for the extra push. This will help deliver the results you’re looking for.

3.       Movements Can Be Modified for Pre-Existing Injuries.

It always amazes us that no matter what age, people come in with many pre-existing injuries. In a small group setting, it’s easier to modify the movements so you stay safe. You learn how to train the correct muscles to fire so you strengthen and support your body, and don’t overwork any particular muscle group.

4.       You’ll Make New Friends, and Be Accountable.

There’s a special magic that happens with the energy of a small group setting. When trainers know you by name, you quickly learn the other members of your class by name, and the camaraderie of the group starts to happen. Before you know it, you’re friends on Facebook, signing up for events together, and hanging out for ten minutes with each other after class. The small group experience unites the team as everyone finds they’ve got something in common.

5.       You’ll Be More Motivated to Stick with It.

When you’re trained in a small group setting, you get to know your trainers at a more personal level, too. The impact of the level of inspiration and motivation they can have on you is deeper and more profound than you’d think. When your instructor believes in you, you are driven to rise to their expectations. It’s more than just having a six-pack and a timer, it’s the ability to challenge you personally and not just physically. Feeling accomplished, productive and successful will become as addicting as the good workout.

With small boutique-style studios opening in your neighborhood, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and give it a try.

Article By Laura St. John

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